About Mysterious Beans

This is not the kind of website that is going to change the world, it’s just a place where we can share our (mis)adventures.

This is where we share some of the things that are important to them; the places we travel, our escapades and experiences, the people we meet, all sorts of things to do with food and drink because we love to cook and eat, the music that soundtracks all of our exploits and whatever else we feel we have to share.

We have future plans and ideas, the world is changing and so are we, so let’s wait and see where it all ends up 🙂

We are John & Rima, welcome to our adventures!

The Mysterious Beans Manifesto

A few promises to you and ourselves…

  1. We will not take ourselves too seriously.
    We are not here to dictate what you should eat or what you should do. We promise that we have no intention of becoming Jamie Oliver, and we are also very aware that the cost and availability of things is different for everyone.
  2. We will not publish endless recipes that are copy/pasted.
    Because honestly, who needs that?! If you are looking for a hundred recipes for chocolate cake then you are in the wrong place. But if you’d like to be entertained, made to feel hungry, and just maybe learn something interesting, then maybe this is the place for you.
  3. We will not blindly follow trends and fashions.
    We are not writing about food and travel because it’s fashionable, or because it’s sexy (even though it is), but because we think they are most important things on the planet.
  4. We will not try not to alienate people.
    We want everyone to love discovering, eating, listening, learning and adventuring as much as we do. We want to tell you about things that are accessible and affordable. Maybe we will have the odd recipe with truffles or saffron, but we aren’t elitist, we will eat the cheapest street food as well as the most expensive goodies that we can lay our hands on.