A Big No To New Year’s Resolutions!

It is so common for people in the days or even weeks before a coming new year to make promises – resolutions to themselves.

So, typically you will eat 12 grapes (if you are in Spain or Mexico at least) and you will have a glass, or many, of sparkling wine. Probably you will kiss someone (maybe even someone you know) and set these resolutions as a kind of target. A target or a goal for a week, two weeks, maybe even a month or two and after that… After that it becomes just a thing that you promised yourself and forgot to keep alive.

Maybe I was a bit dramatic. Maybe some people will truly follow their agreements with themselves until the first party, or even will carry on for a full year or even all of their lives. But we know and should admit that not everyone. Some people are looking for motivational articles on how to keep your New Year’s resolutions as a real thing, or get super upset that they didn’t manage to keep up with the very first goal of the year they set. In my opinion it is sad and is making many people unhappy with themselves.

5 reasons New Year’s resolutions may not last

  1. Hmm, maybe your resolutions were unrealistic!! It is very easy to become a good ice skater living at the beach, right?
  2. No plans made. Well, do you expect to run a marathon in three hours without any planning and preparation? Good luck then, just don’t forget you can’t breath after taking the stairs to the second floor.
  3. Are you being honest with yourself? Are you making your resolution because you want to, can and will do it or just because you think it is a right thing to do.
  4. If you want to make a change you don’t need to rush straight in after new year’s eve. Do you know it is much more fun to start when you are ready and prepared? But of course you can start learning to play guitar on the second of January and buy the instrument on August.
  5. January is just a great time to put more stress on yourself, or maybe not. Christmas rush, New Year’s celebrations, meeting family and friends, parties, worries about making sure all work is done before the first of January (just think if it is not done), conversations about the year achievements (or fails). It is already quite hard so just give yourself a break, calm down, relax and later think about all the great things you will do.

5 reasons why I am not making New Year’s resolutions

  1. I don’t need to wait for the 31st of December to start any great changes in my life.
  2. I like to wake up on the first, second and third of January and enjoy it instead of forcing myself to keep ‘a promise’.
  3. I don’t see the point in promising myself something that I already know won’t last for long.
  4. If I will make a resolution and then I won’t keep it, it will be upsetting and will affect my self confidence.
  5. I believe many people express their wishes too loudly and I prefer to be careful with what I wish 🙂

But I do love new beginnings…

And yet I just simply love new beginnings, fresh starts, the smell of new empty notebooks and full pens. Great new projects, planning where to go for adventures next year or just imagining the possible experiences we will live.

I have plenty of plans, goals, ideas, wishes… Some days bring me more motivation and I am more goal oriented, but things come in time and then I am ready. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I achieve my goals, but hell no I am not starting all of my ‘projects’ on the first of January.

Face your challenges, enjoy the adventures, take smart risks. feel free to be spontaneous and find the beauty in the details because they make the whole. Learn new things, be aware of what is going on around you and look forward, welcome to 2020!

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