Destination Da Nang

Yet again a picture of luggage and again we will be travelling a bit. It is just that this time we will be taking a little bit more than one piece of cabin baggage between two people!

Packing, packing, and more packing!!! Ohhh, when it will stop???

 Maybe now is the time to share a little note for you about our future plans 🙂 

As you know, dear regular reader, not so long ago we decided to move to Portugal. Just a couple of months have passed and we got an opportunity to spend a year in Asia, or more specifically Vietnam. 

We had a chat about whether we should we take it or not, because we have some plans here in Lisbon. But, plans are always flexible and that now is a good time to take an opportunity and have an adventure.

We just went to London for a few days to get a new passport for John, and came with some huge news back to Portugal. We now have just a couple of weeks to say bye to our families, organise a lot of things and we will already be spending Christmas in Da Nang. 

I didn’t even know that Da Nang exists, but it does, in the middle of Vietnam on the coast. We get to swap the beaches of the Atlantic ocean for those of the China sea! A tropical climate means that at the moment it is raining a lot, but soon we will be back into summer. As winter comes to Europe, I just made a joke that we should run to the summer and now actually we are doing it! 

Vietnam!!! How do we feel? Excited, surprised, a bit worried, busy rearranging our plans, looking for a new house, looking for places to visit, things to do, new experiences to have, looking at prices and coffee places. 

Coffee! Coffee! Yes they grow coffee beans in Vietnam! They also grow many other exciting goodies like dragon fruit, passion fruit, cashew nuts and so much more!

So, our dark grey wintry Polaroid pictures hopefully will soon be more colourful, and we will share some of our adventures with you. Very soon we will be on our way, get busy with our works and settle down for a year in one place, getting the best out of our adventures in Vietnam. 

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