Getting Active For Smiles and Thighs!

I feel that recently I am missing something very important!

I need to be active!

Someone else might disagree, but even I am saying that after I turned 30 I started to become plumpy and not so happy about myself. I know I am far away from being in bad shape, but it is still a good motivation finally to get back to the more active life style that I am missing so much!

I feel the need for fun, an extra energy boost and something new. Physical activity in my life has never been because I had some ‘problems’ it was always about taking part because to be active is to be more relaxed, happier, more self-confident, free and having time with myself.

John suggested that we try rollerblading, and that sounded quite reasonable, just he didn’t mention that he is good at it…

But, what about me?

Hmmm… I remember when I was 13 (as you understand it was quite some time ago) at some point I tried rollerblading, but it was not so successful honestly talking, but why not to try it again!

Even though we couldn’t easily find nice skates anywhere around Lisbon (shop recommendations anyone??), finally we got hold of some and a few days ago we started our activity together! One person who knows how to skate and one beginner 😀

And, how is it going? I would say not so badly, we definitely like it, we both smile, each of us learns something new (of course according to our levels), we get some new inputs and generate ideas, we are physically active again and can eat more delicious food (I need to say that in general we eat quite healthily) and we feel proud about ourselves. I have hope that my legs will be in shape in approximately one month 😀 To conclude so far so good!

But when I am writing something about physical activity (I believe that sports is more about competing and physical activity more about just being active and not professional) I need to say one very important thing – I believe that it is really not about the number of kilograms we lose, but it is about feeling good, staying fitter and more healthy, maybe helping to prevent some diseases, having a better mood, enjoying, relaxing and so many more reasons. To combine exercise with amazing tasty homemade food is to enjoy life!

So, if someone does some activity just with the aim of losing kilograms and without feeling the joy of it, then I just would advise them not to forget that a pound of muscle takes less space than a pound of fat, but still it is a pound. Just try new things until you find the activity You like, don’t ‘kill’ yourselves in the gym or running if you hate the gym, go cycling, play tennis, maybe try swimming and don’t forget to look at health not just by the scales but from the holistic point of view!

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