Hello Portugal Mixtape

My knowledge of Portuguese music extends to some really generic views about fado and folk and knowing who David Fonseca is, but being in Lisbon seems like the perfect time to change all of that and do a bit of auditory exploring.

So, this is a bit of a journey of discovery for me and so track notes will be brief. Does it flow quite like a mixtape/playlist should? Well, probably not but it’s still a lot of fun. 

Here are a few things I’ve encountered and loved so far, but please feel very free to add recommendations in the comments!

Of course you can also find these tunes as a playlist on our Spotify and YouTube channels

Gold Morning Days by First Breath After Coma

First Breath After Coma are from Leiria and they take their name from the title of the third album by US post punk group Explosions in the Sky.

Vinte e Três by Noiserv

I don’t know much about Noiserv and feel like I’ve been somehow missing out for the last thirteen years. This track is just so… umm, nice.

Melbourne by Ditch Days

Ditch Days hail from Lisbon and are a bit 90’s indie, a bit ‘dream pop’ and just really easy to listen to. The intro to Melbourne makes me think of Longpigs and then suddenly it all goes a bit beachy and the whole lot just makes me smile. 

Get it Right by Savanna

If you like Tame Impala then you can’t not like Savanna, a bit of a jumbled mass of influences from everywhere, a bit psychadelia, a bit 80’s pop, a bit all it’s own thing 🙂

Puzzles by Lince

Lince aka. Sofia Ribero is from the north of Portugal, where she produces some really beautiful lyrical pop. Puzzles is from the Drops EP released in 2017.  

Apontamento by Margarida Pinto

Apontamento is the first solo outing by Margarida Pinto, better known as the vocalist from Portuguese trip-hop group Coldfinger.

Deolinda “Um Contra O Outro”

Rima’s choice, it’s a cheerful little ditty that makes you want to smile and grab someone to dance around a sunlit square with…

Trying Not to Try by Cave Story

Cave Story are from Peniche, which for the uninformed is about an hour north of Lisbon. Trying Not to Try is a slice of very nicely put together pop-rock!

Correspondência by Ermo

I’ll be honest, my knowledge of Ermo extends to just finding this song by chance and Google telling me that they are a two man group from Braga. That doesn’t stop me liking it though!

Shaft of Sunlight by Luis Fernandes and Joana Gama

… and let’s just end with a moment of peaceful beauty. Any colaboration between a respected classical pianist and an ambient/indie producer is going to either be awful or amazing,  Shaft of Sunlight is sublime.