Introducing ‘Towards Sustainability’

We feel the need to introduce you to our new sustainability awareness project! I already mentioned it in my post yesterday while I was presenting Platforma EKO, but I have the feeling it deserves more than one sentence.

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to welcome you to Towards Sustainability and invite you to take a look.

It’s a free online newsletter, published monthly, covering a wide range of different topics in the world of sustainability. It’s free for anyone to access, read online, download as a PDF, and subscribe to receive each monthly issue by email.

Travelling around the world, we kept seeing the challenges that different countries face, the difference between cultures, levels of education, etc. We realised that not everybody has the same understanding about global issues, and the same level of awareness about sustainability and environmental issues. This made us think more about what we can do, where we can play a role in helping inform people and saving our planet. We believe that social responsibility is one of the keys. So we feel responsible to act in whatever small ways we can, and raise awareness and that is where this project is born.

In the newsletter we will share articles, offer opinions, make suggestions, interview people and organisations, and hopefully encourage people to make a change in their lifestyle. The information on topics like zero waste, recycling, environmental development, gardening, responsible consumption will be non stop!

Until now, everything we have written (on this site) has been just in English, but the Towards Sustainability project is different. We are publishing it in two languages – English and Lithuanian! And this is quite a challenge for us!

Of course we want everyone to read it, so please do go and do that, but we would also love to see people joining in with this project and contributing content. We all have opinions and knowledge to share, and collectively we can make a bigger difference.

Any comment, idea or suggestion is more than welcome. It motivates, helps us to improve and grow together with the readers. It also gives a different perspective and more ideas on how to make the project grow.

You can find the project at and you can also follow it on the Platforma EKO facebook page.

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  1. This looks really nice, and it’s a good initiative. We all need to learn a bit more about what is going on around us and share what we do know. Well done!


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