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Most of the world is struggling to make the right decisions about how to face the Covid-19 pandemic, and Mexico is not an exception. Honestly, I would really like to discuss the politics of the USA and Mexico a bit, but I still want to have easy visa access to enter and explore both countries. This means that I won’t go deeper into “drinking bleach” instead I will “turn a new page” as is recommended.

We planned to spend six months in Mexico; to work, travel, and have adventures. But we didn’t start to travel yet or have so many adventures. Probably we will spend almost a year here and most of the time will have been spent inside the house. Some of it fighting with Public Health, a bit with Immigration, and some just waiting for the world to change. We choose to stay safe, to avoid much outside contact. Knowing the real situation is quite hard here and the national safety rules do not apply the same everywhere.

Covid-19 is not the only problem around this country or around the city we live in. Unfortunately, the pandemic has had an effect on the positive progress that had been made recently in tackling the crime level, corruption, the economy and other areas. Possibly bringing the city back to the place it was a couple of years ago.

Here, like everywhere, the rest of life doesn’t just stop. For example right now in the area around Tijuana there were already more fires this year than during all of last year. It’s not just here either, the rain forests, Siberia, and Australia are all fighting against massive fires as well.

Being in a kind of lock-down is not so motivating. Honestly to do exercise at home is almost mission impossible, but to gain some weight goes so easily, I wonder why. The fact that the trips are cancelled and we are missing great important events sometimes makes me feel powerless. But honestly I don’t have any right to complain, and it seems so small compared with the issues other people face.

Some of the best lock-down entertainment is to read the news and especially the headlines!

Now there is a lot of news about schooling. Well I am not a mum, but I am a professional teacher, and I was always a fan of homeschooling. I believe that after all the pandemic chaos, maybe there will be some positive changes about homeschooling, as well as schooling in the open air and more personalised choices each pupil could make.

Talking about more local news around the city we live (or are stuck) in, the news is fascinating. You really don’t know if it is time to cry or laugh. I will share a couple of headlines with you! 

Tijuana airport ‘reeks of urine’ as state of Baja shuts off water to facility

Well, the good news is the bill was paid and it is back to normal, however normal smells.

2nd year running, Tijuana named ‘most violent city in the world’

The pandemic doesn’t help, after the Covid-19 situation started the crime rate massively increased, but it’s not like you see running gun battles. Just some suitcases with body parts left in the street.

Bars in Tijuana open without permission, mayor vows to ‘shut them down’.

Honestly…. It keeps going.

‘I’m in heaven’: Beer becomes available, creating frenzy in Tijuana.

This story started when Mexico ruled that beer production was non-essential during the COVID-19 crisis. You could say that many people disagreed and many shelves were super empty. No Corona during Corona! 

Baja governor to Trump: ‘When you’re quiet you’re less ugly’.

During one of his press conferences President Donald Trump said that Tijuana “is the most heavily infected place anywhere in the world.” while talking about Covid-19. Hmm interesting maths, just the numbers published for all of the world to see were different.

These are the kind of news items that keep you sane, and that will probably be skipped over when the situation we all are living in now gets written into the history books (oh, are we going to have books in the future?). Let’s learn something from it. 

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  1. Oh my word. Local government letting the airport stink of pee seems like a crazy idea to me.
    “Welcome to our city, this is how we smell, we hope you want to stay for a long time.”

    Sounds like a bit of a nuts place to be in these nuts times, fitting maybe!


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