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As you might have already noticed Mysterious Beans – ‘Us’ is going more and more ‘green’. It is not like we were never eco-friendly, we always tried to be. I need to say that we are not green-washing or trying to catch up with fashion, we have tried to live as much as possible in an environmentally friendly way for quite a long time!

Growing and learning together we keep finding more ways to change or improve our behaviour and make our lifestyle more sustainable. We don’t want just to use our knowledge and ideas in our own little bubble. We want to share them all with others and educate, in an encouraging and helpful way not a truculent one.

Exchanging knowledge and setting good examples can make a difference and we definitely want to make a difference. We don’t want just to complain about what is wrong and bad, but to share good successful stories and solutions.

While having a break from travels, between official work and dealing with offices I found a little extra free time. We are using that time for garden farming in the balcony and greenhouse, doing some outdoor activities, enjoying time with family and studying. Still, I felt a need to do something else, some extra activity which would be productive somehow.

One afternoon I found some spare fabric at home and thought that it could be used for some kitchenware. I made some wax-wraps for food using the beeswax from the candles we had used during the previous cosy evening. The next day while out shopping I thought that it would be nicer to put bananas or apples into the linen bags already at the shopping center. So, I hunted down and borrowed a sewing machine and made some nice linen bags for shopping.

While doing all of this I remembered my lovely hygge and thought it would be great to have some linen kitchen towels. My mum had other ideas though, she decided they looked so great that she wanted to use them as small tablecloths. She ‘ordered’ another shopping bag and asked me to fix a pillow case.

I tried sewing some small things before by hand and some of them were quite successful, like a hero costume made from an old kite for a couple of my students in Denmark. I remember using a sewing machine a little bit, maybe 4-5 years ago, I never had a lesson on how to sew but am learning quickly.

John and I talked and we came up with the idea that we could try to make some other useful kitchen and shopping things. We talked with John and came up with an idea that we could try to make some of useful kitchen/shopping things. These sustainable, reusable and beautiful items should:

  • Help us and others do everyday tasks.
  • Reduce plastic (and other single use material) use and waste.
  • Educate about and show examples of reducing disposable trash.
  • Last long and make us happy.

So now we are in the process of creating some more goodies and I have to admit I am very excited about it. Soon we will start up several new projects and activities and one of them is our little online shop – Mysterious Beans – Made by Us.

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