Oven Temperatures Decoded

Just about every food website in the world, along with the vast majority of recipe or culinary training books have an oven temperature conversion table but not all temperature tables tell you everything you need to know, which really irritates me.

So, here is another one, which comes complete with what to do with fan and non-fan ovens and how to deal with the mystery that is ‘gas marks’. It’s not just here because I really love typing out tables of data, I mean who doesn’t, but also because this site contains a growing number of recipes and it seems polite to give you all the info you need to make them.

I’ve added a separate column for fan assisted ovens in °C, but an easy general rule is that you subtract 20°C (about 36°F) when using a fan oven.

Just for reference:

Water freezes032
Water boils100212

… and let’s convert:

°C°C (fan)°FGas Mark
Very cool11090225¼
Moderately hot1901703755
Very hot2402204759

If you want to convert between any temps that aren’t listed here, don’t forget that you can always use Google for just about type of conversion, simply by typing the amount you want to convert and the from and to units into the search bar.

Oh, and if you happen to have a halogen oven then you will need to adjust both temperature and time. As a rough guide, you should reduce the cooking temperature down by about 10% from the normal oven temperature and you should probably start checking things after about 3/4 of the listed time for a normal oven is up.

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