Rainy Weekend Mixtape

About eight months ago I posted a mixtape on Mysterious Beans and said that every week we would curate a soundtrack to something (or everything) that we had been doing that week and post it…

That turned out to be a complete lie, even if it was said with the very best of intentions, and I apologise!

This week though we are on it. No fancy themes, but it has been a rainy weekend and this is the kind of music that my rainy melancholy afternoons are filled up with.

Maybe it’s not as well ordered as it might be, there are also more than one artist with more than one song, but none of that matters,  I love them all.  

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All the Trees of the Field will clap their Hands by Sufjan Stevens

Interestingly, the track takes it’s title from a phrase in the bible, and the words don’t appear in the song lyrics anywhere. 

Lake Song by The Decemberists

“Hyper literary folk rock” is possibly one of my favourite phrases used to describe a “genre” of music ever. If you insist on applying labels then it probably applies to this track.

Comme des Enfants – Coeur de Pirate

‘He still loves me and you, you love me a bit more,
But he still loves me and I, I love you a bit more’

It’s beautiful!

Someone’s Daughter by Beth Orton

The first of several Beth Orton tracks, for which I make no apologies at all. Next time it rains and you don’t want to listen to this playlist then just put on Trailer Park or Central Reservation.

In This Life by The Strumbellas

Because everyone needs a bit of hand clapping from time to time.

Love Will Set You Free by Kodaline

Really not a big Kodaline fan at all, but I do happen to like this song and somehow it just popped into my head.

Interesting (hopefully) aside: The video for the song was directed by Courteney Cox.

Spooky by Dusty Springfield

This, just because it’s Dusty and it’s brilliant.

Sweetest Decline by Beth Orton

Up pops Beth again, it’s just my rain thing I guess.

Can’t Deny My Love by Brandon Flowers

Some of Brandon Flowers solo work is a bit questionable in my opinion, but it’s hard to find fault with this song, and in this Sirius XM live recording then it is almost impossible to find any fault at all with the sound engineer, everything just sounds so there.

You are a Lover by Tracey Thorn

I’m a big fan of EBTG and also of Tracey Thorn’s solo releases, surprisingly even including her Christmas album. This track though is in no way Christmas related, and is taken from Love And It’s Opposite.

Wonder by Honeywater

If ever there as a song specially designed for feeling melancholic while sitting and staring out of a window at the falling rain, then this might just be it.

For the Fickle by Reese Lansangan

I’ll admit to a big knowledge gap, but I can definitely say that Reese Lansangan is my favourite artist from the Philippines.

Paris Train by Beth Orton

Yes, it’s the third and final one…

Great Lakes by John Smith

John Smith is not nearly as well known or appreciated as he deserves to be, just listen and then find something else by him to listen to. Actually I’m fairly sure that I wrote something really similar to this last time I added one of his songs to a playlist.

Sons and Daughters by The Decemberists

Colin Meloy has described Sons and Daughters as “kind of a mantra or slogan about peace and camaraderie and coming together” and also picked it in an interview as one of The Decemberists best songs, who am I to disagree. 

Breathe Me by Sia

A song about reaching the moment when you realise that whatever it is that is making you feel the way that you do is bigger than you are, that you can’t beat it alone, and finding the voice to ask for help. 

Universal Traveler by Air

I really haven’t listened to Talkie Walkie much, which maybe is a mistake. Universal Traveler is just a really nice thing to fill your ears with.

Dry the Rain by The Beta Band

Topical… but also slide guitars, a great blend of samples and live instruments and just a really lovely harmonious laid back sound. 

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