Seven Reasons to Cycle

When it comes to sports John likes football (at least to watch), I like basketball (to watch and sometimes to play). He plays tennis and I like badminton (which he hates). Maybe he would like to go running together, but I really love to do that alone. So we don’t agree on many of those things, but we like to do things with wheels; skating and cycling TOGETHER!

Why do we cycle?

Well, this week we needed to go a few times to the greenhouse, which is about 10km away and we needed to get there somehow. Apart from that we have several, exactly seven actually, great simple reasons to hop on bikes:

The first and a pretty important reason is that it is a fun and active way to spend time together instead of sitting in front of screens typing blog posts.

Another reason is that cycling is great exercise. It gives a good cardio workout and we want to invest in our health and to be able to eat extra cake without feeling guilty.

Obviously cycling is much more environmentally friendly than driving. Riding bikes produces zero CO2 (apart from our heavy breathing).

Getting outside and doing something active just reminds you that you are alive. It brings us smiles and happiness and makes us feel good about ourselves.

Cycling helps us to explore and discover places that we would never normally notice. My favorite part is always the path through the forest, because it always full of discoveries, nature, birds, some sounds, the sound of wind and leaves. And sometimes the sound of silence that it is not so easy to hear in the busy cities.

Our last few rides were a bit difficult because they were in super strong wind, but even then the sun made up for it. We get to absorb plenty of vitamin D being outside enjoying the sun and birds’ melodies.

The last, but not least point is that we save money! How? By not using electricity or gas, by not paying for gym membership and easily investing in our health.

It is just a nice feeling to make small differences and changes in our lives and discover some activities we could do together. Until now we even didn’t invest into our own bicycles we are just borrowing them but if/when we will finally settle down then we will manage to get our own.

Surely seven are more than enough reasons to throw on your sporty clothes and sunglasses, grab a bottle of water and discover your neighborhood!

You might also like to take a pump and a puncture repair kit just in case, and maybe some soothing cream for bruised areas if you are planning a long way.

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