Starting Place / The First Post

I don’t know exactly when the ‘first post’ was, the first documented organised postal service in the world was in 255 B.C. in Egypt. For anybody who is really interested, the first sender paid post and the first postage stamp dates from May 1840 in the UK.

None of that really matters though, the point is that…

this is the first post on Mysterious Beans. Whether you are reading it today (unlikely) and this is a brand new shiny website or at some point far in the future where you have stumbled upon it somehow, it is nice to have you here.

This is not a website to change the world, not Wikileaks, Google or

It’s just a place where two people share some of the things that are important to them; the places they travel, their escapades and experiences, the people they meet, all sorts of things to do with food and drink because they love to cook and eat, the music that soundtracks all of their exploits, whatever else they feel they have to share.

This is our starting place but who knows where we might end up, stick around and see.

We are John & Rima, welcome to our adventures!

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