The Promise of Love

There are many promises in life we are making to ourselves and others, but some of them are very special ones. Like the one you give to ‘your person’ expecting it last forever.

When I say ‘your person’ I mean – partner, friend, soulmate, the one you are with in happiness and sadness. You climb the mountains and travel the world together. You grow, learn, love, hate, laugh, smile, dream, create, struggle, eat, sleep, and drink morning coffee together.

The 13th of June, 2019 was not just my dad’s birthday, it was the day when two mysterious beans gave vows to each other surrounded by people they care about and who care about them.

We wanted to have a cosy, sweet and full of smiles party! And it did happen! I feel obligated to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us.

Just by accident we found an amazing manor with a bit of spice from the past at Babtyno-Zemaitkiemio dvaras. The owner Mindaugas met us with a glass of wine and super relaxed just after a motorbike ride and that was the sign – this is the place where we will say our vows to each other. The atmosphere was just great and somehow right. The barn just beside the manor was perfect to have a big dancing floor and dining area.

Relaxing on the lawn

We knew we won’t have time and energy to take care about all the details so we agreed with Justina and Aiste at Pinjata that they will take care about decorations, logistics and any help we will need. We wanted herbs on the tables and everything to just look simple, light and beautiful, we believe it was exactly like that.

Guests in the barn

The pictures you see were made by Mild’a. We are grateful that Milda captured the real and honest moments full of happiness and love on the hottest summer day in Lithuania 2019. We were happy that day and we believe that all our guest were too. The atmosphere was just great, people came from all over the world with smiles and made the day just perfect!

International guests

Ok, maybe the happiness level was affected by great Gin & Tonic recipes by us, and of course our friends present – wine from Portugal! Lucky us it arrived in time – just one day before, but the most important thing is that it did and made many people happy and some super happy! Look at the picture below! The true picture of happiness and love writing us a greeting on our typewriter from 1949.

Happy guest with vintage car and typewriter

There are so many others we should say thanks to. Like our amazing cake making and bean packing teams who spent all the evening before preparing raw-vegan cakes and filling boxes with mysterious beans. And of course all the guests who came and spent that special moment with us.

Just a few more, The caterers Publikus who prepared delicious dishes. The animator who took care about our little ones Linksmasis Lagaminas. We were happy to have Tomas helping our guests and leading when it was needed, the event host who was at the right place in the right moment. I should also mention Jolanta at MJ Bridal Couture who made my beautiful dress.

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