What is Platforma EKO

We like to think of Platforma EKO as an umbrella for all of our activities and projects now and in the near future.

This journey started a couple of years ago when we started Mysterious Beans, the blog you are reading. We decided to share our adventures, food experiences, different thoughts about sustainability topics. With time we found that our articles were focusing more and more on sustainability and environmental issues.

While writing the blog we were looking for a more ethical and sustainable hosting solutiion. It was not so easy to find the right provider. We wanted sustainable hosting but we also like to have personal-human contact, as well as to receive customised services, we just couldn’t find a company that ticked all of the boxes. This is how we came up with our biggest project, which we call S4 Hosting. Already we are excited to be working with some great companies, big and small, and blog writers who share the same values.

If you visit Mysterious Beans regularly you know that we love our planet, and care about sustainability a lot. Moreover, we believe that each of us personally should stand up and act towards solving the mess we all created on this planet. For now there is no planet B so the environmental mess we created is on us. The question is what can we do?

One of the answers we came up with is to spread awareness. So, we decided to run some awareness and action programs focusing on environmental sustainability. Show an example, spread some knowledge, share information and encourage people to stand up and take action. Our first awareness project is a free monthly newsletter called Towards Sustainability, published online in English and Lithuanian.

As all of these projects grew, we had the idea to create one platform which unites all of our activities. Of course we wanted to make it official by registering as a limited company, and that is the story of how Platforma EKO was born.

To find a name that we liked and also that nobody used before might have been a challenge, but we just fell on to this one. We plan to spend more time in Lithuania, and for this reason we wanted the title to be easy and understandable not just in English , but in Lithuanian as well. So, Platforma EKO was our first and only choice, and it seems like nobody else was using it, so at least here we some luck! 😀

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