Delicious Ways to Use Granola

Famously healthy (probably really healthy if it is homemade) granola can be used in many different ways to make us full and happy. It can be an option for a good snack or dessert as well as if you want to have a nutritious breakfast. Granola can be used for making delicious, colourful and healthy meals to surprise your family or friends.

Let’s start the right way. Buy granola that is low in added sugars, or make your own. If you have never tried making it before (or even if you have) I would recommend our super fast and easy recipe.

Idea one: Keep it simple

You don’t need to have many extra ingredients or to overthink things a lot. All you need is granola, milk and a couple of fresh berries. For example strawberries makes most of people happy, if you have some extra blueberries or any other berry that grows in your garden go for it! I would also recommend to use a plant based milk, actually just changing the milk already gives some freshness and new flavors to your granola.

Idea Two: Build some layers

If you love making smoothies once in a while then combine it with your homemade granola! If you serve it in glasses and build layers it looks so inviting! For example make a layer of banana and strawberry smoothie, then a layer of granola. Add one more layer with the same or a different colour smoothie, try banana and blueberry, or banana and mango. Top it with one more layer of granola, sprinkle with some chia seeds and pop a strawberry on top. Hey, now you have a nice looking healthy dessert!

Idea three: Go Yo (gurt)

Granola with yogurt and fruit

Yogurt and granola always goes well too. My recommendation would be to use plain natural unsweetened yogurt or if you can find some plant based natural unsweetened yogurt. To be honest kefir works great as well. Add granola, but don’t mix it so it looks more attractive visually. Put some chopped fruits on top, maybe bananas, apples or mango You can add some dried, fresh or frozen berries from the garden and some (you guessed it) chia seeds. It will definitely look yummy.

Idea four: Let’s do dessert

This one for sure is a dessert idea and so not recommended in big amounts! You need three main ingredients – granola, maple syrup (or honey) and unsweetened natural yogurt (it could be Greek yogurt or plant based). I like to make this pretty dessert in glasses.

How to prepare it? Put a tablespoon of granola at the bottom of the glass, then a teaspoon of maple syrup, add yogurt (probably about 80 grams), again add a teaspoon of maple syrup. Then it is time for granola again, add two tablespoons of granola and the last teaspoon of maple syrup.

Idea five: Prepare pudding, chia pudding

Chia pudding with granola

If you skipped your breakfast or if you like to have a healthy snack during your lunch break this idea could be a solution. Of course feel free to use if for your regular breakfast as well. You will need to plan though, because it is best is to prepare it the night before. So what am I talking about? Chia pudding with granola.

How to prepare it? Take 1/2 glass of milk (plant based, I prefer almond), 1/2 glass unsweetened natural yogurt (again choose the one you prefer) and 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. Mix these three ingredients well and place in the fridge, if you don’t forget you can stir it after 30min, and place again to the fridge. In the morning stir it again, feel free to add some extra yogurt, place it to your chosen jar/jars, top with granola and if you would like some berries.

We shared just a couple of simple ideas, but I believe it is enough to realise how creative you can be! Just a simply adding one ingredient can make a difference so why not to have fun and get inspired to use granola in creating colourful healthy food!

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