Promise of Love Guests Mixtape

A little while ago Rima wrote a post about a special day and about the same time (now about six months ago) I decided that I would put together a little playlist of music that soundtracked the day.

Clearly that didn’t happen at the time and it hasn’t happened now either, maybe sometime I actually will put together our own romantic playlist, in the meantime this is something else a bit interesting. This is our first ‘guest’ playlist and it is actually made from the song choices of our guests.

We asked each person to tell us one song that they would like to hear at some point during the day. We also told them that they could only pick a song if they promised to dance to it, which is probably a big part of the reason why not many people actually picked one.

Normally I write a sentence or two about each song, usually trying to be a bit clever, but this time I can’t because they aren’t my choices, so I asked each person who picked a song to tell us why they chose it and some of them actually did….

You can also listen to this playlist as a Spotify or YouTube playlist.

Giovanna chose…

Imagine by John Lennon

“I chose “Imagine” because it’s my favorite song ever. For me it represents love and peace and how I would like the world. So I also chose it as a wish for you!”

Eleanor chose…

Crazy In Love by Beyoncé (ft. Jay Z)

“Because it is a great song to dance to after a few glasses of wine and everybody knows Beyoncé”

Robertas chose…

Soumiška Pirtis by Antanas

Robertas thinks this song fits him perfectly. He likes the sauna, has pain in his joints, it’s fun, and he knows the lyrics.

Cat chose…

Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

“Because you never seem to be in one place for very long, so you will both need to go wherever the other one goes, it just seems to fit.”

Carlota chose…

Perfect by Ed Sheeran (with Beyoncé)

She didn’t give us a reason for her choice. Rima thinks it is just saying that I should follow her lead, I will just let her believe that 😉

Vanessa chose…

L.O.V.E. by Frank Sinatra

“I chose this song because it’s a simple and clever way to show your love to someone, it has an amazing rhythm to dance and its about love and prioritizing each other.”

Zuzana chose…

I Promise by Radiohead

“It is hauntingly beautiful to me. the type of somewhat melancholic but hopeful song, powerful in its simplicity… the emotion, the devotion it depicts… and the lyrics always reminded me of wedding vows”

Mihaela chose…

Smooth Operator by Sade

“Well I like jazz in general, and I think that this singer is very good. I didn’t want to sugest a very romantic song because I was afraid not to reveal my real personality hahaha 😀

So, somehow I associated the vibes of the song with your wedding or how I imagined that will be in that moment. A bit classy, not too noisy, not too boring, romantic, intimate, with a touch of glamour, relaxed and… I think just perfect… Exactly like your wedding.”

Eliza chose…

The Polaroid Song by Allo Darlin’

Another one that we don’t actually have a reason for, but I love it so that doesn’t really matter. Also, it definitely fits in many ways!

Serhat chose…

Dudu by Tarkan

“Dudu isn’t in English but it is kind of a famous song, Tarkan is popular in the world. You can easily catch the tune and lyric and just dance. It’s old but still a good song for a party. When we make international parties, Turks used to pick one of Tarkan’s songs, I dont listen to him often but Dudu is for everyone. I think its like turkish delight.”

Sylvia chose…

We Are Young by Fun (ft. Janelle Monáe)

“It was my state of mind in that period. When you feel down sometimes you need also to touch the bottom and do stupid things before you rise up… and the rhythm it is very nice :-D”

Sytske chose…

Are You With Me by Lost Frequencies

“I choose this song for you two because for me it represents: The will to keep moving and growing as a individual and finding someone who wants to move and grow by your side. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this connection and not being afraid to ask this person to join you.”

Audrius, Juste & Audre chose…

These three songs come together from Audrius, Juste and Audre because all three of them like them, can sing along and they dance together to them. Audre uses her own secret language to sing along because she is only two, but that’s fine!

Aš iškritau by Baltasis Kiras

Tavo Svajonė by Andrius Mamontovas

When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman by Dr Hook

Thank you to all of the above people who each chose little bits of the soundtrack to a very special day, and who mostly also danced when they were supposed to!

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